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Some easy tips to protect ants and other insects

Around the house:

  1. In spring, establish a wild corner in your garden.
  2. In summer, do not use any pesticides.
  3. In autumn, leave the dead leaves and branches.
  4. In winter, use less road salt.

On the balcony:

  1. Plant some native species, preferably flowers.
  2. Limit your use of outdoor lighting.
  3. Put out a little insect watering station.

In the kitchen:

  1. If you choose to eat meat, buy free range.
  2. Get your vegetables from organic farmers.

With money:

  1. Consider supporting a nature conservation group.

(This is a work in progress. If you can contribute something to this list, please reach out.)

Some conservation groups accepting donations


The UK-based Invertebrate Conservation Trust is dedicated to the small things that run the planet.

Friends of the Earth Europe

A network of 30 environmental organizations with thousands of local groups across Europe.

Naturschutzbund Deutschland

Active for over 100 years, the largest and most well-known nature conservation group in Germany.

Rainforest Alliance

Protecting forests and biodiversity is at the heart of the Rainforest Alliance’s mission.

Xerces Society

A Portland-based international NGO aiming to protect invertebrates and their habitats.

(I have no affiliation with any of these organizations. Please do your due diligance before donating.)