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Ants1 can navigate precisely using the sun.2 When the sun is obscured, they use the pattern of polarized light across the sky as a compass.3
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The archive will spark your curiosity for ants. It will make you recognize them as adorable and indispensable cohabitants of our world. No longer will you see them as a nuisance.

The archive is a matchmaker, nudging you to fall in love with the ants on your picnic blanket. You will invite them to climb over your feet. You will offer them peanut butter and black currant jam.

why care about ants?

Ants are not doing so well. In Germany, 64 out of 65 species are in decline.4 This is due to many reasons, most of which are our fault: intensification of agriculture, overuse of fertilizers and pesticides, reduction of deadwood in the forests, and more.5,6 They also seem unable to adapt or acclimate to the rising temperatures of the climate crisis.7, 8

It is not just ants, though. Flying insect populations have declined by more than 75% since 1989.9 Due to a lack of data, we do not even know how much was lost in the decades before that. What we do know is that a large-scale phenomenon is underway. We are in the middle of a human-made extinction event that will have cascading effects on the entire ecosystem and, ultimately, our own wellbeing.10

Caring about something is the first step to protecting it. The archive will make you fall in love with ants and provide suggestions on how to support their conservation.

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